My name is Catherine Elliott nee Dundas - Dunbar and for many years now, I have been researching my paternal family tree in the name of Dundas . I would like to welcome you to my site and invite you to explore the history of the Dundas ' of  Clobemon Hall.


Clobemon Hall, Ferns, Co. Wexford.

Clobemon Hall is an impressive two storey L shaped residence which was built in 1820 for Thomas Derinzey to the design of Thomas A Cobden, the eminent Carlow architect. It has a five bay front with a single storey Grecian Doric portico and an eaved roof. It is situated on the banks of the River Slaney near Bunclody, Co Wexford. and in 1864, consisted of a 2000 acre site. Lorenzo Dundas (the grandson of Major Laurence Dundas ) purchased Clobemon Hall in 1864 for the princely sum of £21.500.

Major Laurence Dundas


Major Laurence Dundas was stationed in Ireland whilst serving with the 13th Light Dragoons. He met and married Ellen Greene in 1787 and settled in Ireland .
It is believed that Laurence was the son of either Sir Laurence Dundas of Kerse

who was the son of Thomas Dundas of Fingask,
or William Dundas, Sir Laurence Dundas' brother.


Dundas Castle.

Where it all began!

Huchtred Dunbar was a son of Cospatrice, the father of the first Earl of March and Dunbar His brother, Waldeve, granted the lands of DUNDAS to Helias , who was Huchtred's son.

Helias assumed the "Lion of Dunbar" as his Arms, with the transmutation of tinctures only, namely, Argent, a lion rampant gules (a red lion on a silver or white field). His Crest was a lion's head, full faced, looking through a bush of oak. The supporters were two lion gules; below the shield, for a device, a salamander in flame.


Family Motto; Essayez

The family motto is believed to have originated when a crusading member of the family who, languishing in a Saracen dungeon, was prompted to attempt his escape by seeing the successful efforts which a lion made to escape from a snare set for him in the thickets!

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of Dundas who are listed in the World War 1 medal rolls for the British Army and the Royal Navy. The page also has
a listing of all Commonwealth personnel with the surname of Dundas who
lost their lives during the 2 World Wars

There are many people to thank for the assistance that they have given to me in compiling this family tree;
In  particular, Liane Paparella for the Australian connection and King Milne in Ireland, whom I contacted when I first started my research.  Also, Simon Anderson and Clive and Lisle Dundas . 

Bruce and Jill Bonnell in British Columbia have aided in bringing the line from James White Minchin and Adelaide

Maria Dundas up to date and have also supplied many of the photographs. 

The photograph of Margaret Matilda Dundas nee Talbot and Mary Maude Prinsep were kindly provided by Barbara Beardslee Dundas. 

The Zetland photographs were mainly photographed by myself on a recent visit to Yorkshire and are displayed herewith the kind permission of the Marquess of Zetland.      


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